The best toilets this year

You may of had a vision of what your ideal bathroom should look like. But how do you bring it to life? How do you ensure the toilet lives up to your expectations and is free from leaking or blockages? We aim to solve this problem for you by providing readers with a helpful online resource that analyzes several of the leading toilets and list out our reasoning in why we believe they are among the best.

We’ve used online toilet buying guides such as the one found on to help us with this. We take a close look at the inner working of several household names such as TOTO and KOHLER, and analyze the various specifications to make sense of it all. When you know the basics, it will put your mind at ease when buying something. You will be less likely to suffer from buyers remorse, and that is a step in the right direction.

Rough in – First things first, forget about going to the store until you know what your rough in size is. Measure it wrong and you end up with a toilet that doesn’t fit correctly. It may not sound like a big issue, but it can effect the appeal of the whole bathroom. Get something too small and you will end up needing to move the tank away from the wall just to fit, leaving a gap behind which tends to be the perfect location for the build up of bacteria and germs. Not to mention the difficulty of cleaning it.

Round, Square, or Elongated bowls – The toilet bowl may seem straight forward. However, you should be considering the shape of it. A round bowl is designed for small spaces, elongated for user comfort and experience, and square for people wanting something unique to improve the aesthetics of the washroom.

Height of bowl – Like the shape, you should be giving thought to the overall height. Comfort height toilets are common alternatives to standard sizes, and are slightly taller making the task of sitting and standing simpler. A great option for someone not looking to put too much stress on their body.

Water usage – The EPA guidelines suggest that toilets can be far more efficient when using less water per flush. To help consumers find one that meets this criteria, they will have a WaterSense label on them. You may also be entitled to tax rebates depending on the state you live in. Typically, the more efficient toilets use up to 1.28 gallons in each flush. You can learn more about that here:

With the basics covered, we’ve picked out our favorite below.

Editors pick

TOTO CST744EL#01 Drake

This two piece design is finished in a cotton white color, but users will also have the option to choose bone, black, or beige. It looks fantastic and will fit a standard twelve inch rough in.

TheĀ CST744EL#01 is what’s known as a low flow toilet, consuming 1.28 gallons and operating on a E-Max flushing mechanism that has a notably powerful flush thanks to a three inch flushing valve.

It also has a nice and large water surface area in the bowl which isn’t something manufacturers include in their designs. Generally, the larger this is, the better at keeping odors down the model is.

And finally, one look at consumer feedback around the web will tell you that the majority of consumers feel quite happy with there product. Very limited complaints about defects which is great.